A Wood Supplier You Can Count On

Discover how we salvage our wood supply in Billings, MT

Heating your home doesn't have to mean taking healthy trees from their environment. Wildfire Wood LLC's wood supply consists of unmerchantable timber. This is wood that would otherwise fall to the ground to rot. It's a high-quality energy source that has little impact on the area it is taken from. When you need a fuel source for your home in Billings, MT, choose an eco-friendly energy source from us.

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3 benefits of using our wood products

There are several options when it comes to heating your home. But our wood supply provides several benefits for our customers, including:

1. Easy availability: We're local to the area and always have enough wood to go around
2. Stable prices: Salvaged lumber generally stays at a consistent price, unlike gas or oil
3. Eco-friendly: Our supply is always salvaged in a way that benefits the environment it came from

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